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Sa-sh's Beach Voyeur Blog: Beach Voyeur Video

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Sa-Sh: THE SANDFLY 2013 Beach Voy FINALE ----------------------------------------------------

" I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember The Original. The man we called "The Sandfly". To understand who he was, you have to go back to another time. When the world was powered by the black fuel. And the desert sprouted great cities of pipe and steel. Gone now, swept away...
In the roar of an engine , he lost everything. And became a shell of a man, a burnt out, desolate man, a man haunted by the demons of his past, a man who wandered out into the wasteland. And it was here, in this blighted place, that he learned to live again... "

I am theSandfly.

I am the Original.

Others came to play, the facsimilie of me.

I am Godzilla, they are Japan.
I am The Stones, they are Beiber.
I am DeNiro, they are DeNada.

Here is what they dream of...

Open your eyes, pump up the volume:

theSandfly, walking the walk...

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flag as inappropriateWillem10 & Kathleen    May 1, 2014
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flag as inappropriate carlowilder    April 24, 2014

Never go on naked holidays again :-)

flag as inappropriate SillyWick    Feb. 7, 2014

There is always going to be someone who is going to bitch about something and the only thing I am going to bitch about regarding this Sandfly video is the total lack of self promotion by The Sandfly. His humility gets in the way of enjoying this superb vid, I suppose he must think the effort speaks for itself. It does, in fact and we should all bow to him for the master he is...

flag as inappropriate scoop    Oct. 12, 2013
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what beach?

flag as inappropriate Nimrod    Oct. 10, 2013
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Always the master! Keep them coming Sandfly

flag as inappropriate Osok    Oct. 8, 2013

All Hail The Sandfly!
You should start a school and train us.

flag as inappropriate BeachBum98    Oct. 5, 2013

Great vid as always. Reminds me of my visits to Salou a few years back. I only have a bunch of stills and some video from then. Very enjoyable.

flag as inappropriate ohector    Oct. 5, 2013
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Sandfly, you are the man! Ive enjoyed your contris here & on Igors old site for a long time. We have a great nude beach here in Miami, Haulover, or as I call it, Allover! Whenever I'm there I think to myself, self, what would Sandfly do? It is so difficult for me to do anything but record the incredible images in my mind. Keep up the fantastic work. You are the man!

flag as inappropriate Jimmy Henderson    Oct. 4, 2013

Without a boubt, the most enjoyable 10 minutes of my week...Please, don't ever stop !!!!!

flag as inappropriate thefatterone    Oct. 4, 2013
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You're the trendsetter Sandfly. The best. Please post more

flag as inappropriate dani2    Oct. 3, 2013
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Sandfly you may be a little bit out there, but you are the undesputed KING of the beach. Great video and music and very lovely ladies. Bravo !!!!!!

flag as inappropriate OSURE    Oct. 3, 2013

O Yes, But I Just Want To Fuck Them All. At One Time. YES. ???

flag as inappropriate loveitall    Oct. 3, 2013
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The Sandfly is back and better than ever, if that's possible, and all is right with the world!! The best by far, you've been sorely missed..Rejoice!!

flag as inappropriate CuriousCrow    Oct. 2, 2013
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There is none other Sandfly, none other.

flag as inappropriate cdlt73    Oct. 2, 2013

MASTER!!! great vid Man!!!

I am a fan of the FLY!!!

flag as inappropriate happyguy1969    Oct. 2, 2013
VCity Userpic

Great great great...I usually do not have patiente for long vids, but Sandflys ones, even 30 minutes long, I'll watch from the first second till the end.

flag as inappropriate dobbie    Oct. 2, 2013

Your the man.

flag as inappropriate Vcnick8    Oct. 2, 2013

sandfly is the master...

flag as inappropriatejustrite    Oct. 2, 2013

I love beach pussy,that was a great vid,good job dude!

flag as inappropriate Indecnprop    Oct. 2, 2013

Any idea what area these beaches are located? Looks like maybe SW France along the Atlantic to me.

flag as inappropriate Grumpy    Oct. 2, 2013
VCity Userpic

Better than superb Sand! Have been missing your contributions. Had to laugh at the chick getting the water out of her ears. Purely great stuff.

What a way to end Summer as only you can do! I have to put you in my follow list so I don't miss your work.

Thanks again.

flag as inappropriate Camilla&Mike    Oct. 2, 2013
VCity Userpic

We would love to be caught by you...

flag as inappropriate munchenx    Oct. 2, 2013

You are the best, tradition continues. Thanks

flag as inappropriate hermin    Oct. 2, 2013VResident

great job. Thank you

flag as inappropriate dabhi    Oct. 2, 2013

great compilation of sandfly

flag as inappropriatefuckfly    Oct. 2, 2013

Sandfly, you are so stupid, its so funny. Good vid, but you... you...)))

flag as inappropriate traveller2    Oct. 1, 2013

Excellent ! But, that's no surprise.

flag as inappropriatedickman    Oct. 1, 2013

Sandfly, You Da Man!!

flag as inappropriate UFidelis    Oct. 1, 2013

Almost too tame for you Sandflea. But you still show us your own extreme ego. Not a bad video. Music mix was fairly creative.

flag as inappropriate Emily69    Oct. 1, 2013VResident

Awesome! There is no one better. Thank you!

This video is SO good, that I am sure that we would enjoy the bits you edited out!

flag as inappropriate nicesize    Oct. 1, 2013
VCity Userpic

Hey Sandfly GTREAY VIDEO as you usually give to us!! Thanks buddy we all appreciate all your HARD work!!

flag as inappropriate okipage6w    Oct. 1, 2013

Love voyeurism - you're simply the best

flag as inappropriate John Morgan    Oct. 1, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Great true voyeur video. Love it for fans of seeing public nudity on the beach.

flag as inappropriate Miscreant    Oct. 1, 2013


flag as inappropriate dancuc    Oct. 1, 2013
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Thank you very much ;)

flag as inappropriateJammer    Oct. 1, 2013

Show the fat chicks bunghole!

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